ROI Calculator

Property Purchase Price Purchase price of property

Investment Period / Duration (Years) Intented Investment Period

Target Selling Price Intended selling price at end of investment period

Estimated Net Monthly Rental Expected monthly rental

Less Monthly Management Fee Estimated monthly management fee

Buyer Stamp Duty 3-4% standard stamp duty payable

Assuming ABSD % You can change the additional buyer stamp duty accordingly

ABSD Amount Payable (if any) Additional buyer stamp duty tax amount payable


Assuming Loan Amount (Maximum 75%) This is based on 75% max loan. You can adjust this according to your needs

Assuming Interest Per Annual % You can change the bank mortgage interest rate according to the current marketing prevailing rate.

Assuming Loan Tenure (Number of years of mortgage loan) You can reduce the loan period accordingly.

Monthly Loan Repayment Monthly mortgage installment


Total Intial Downpayment (Including Stamp Duty) Fund needed for buying the property

Total Loan Repayment Fund to be use to pay installment over the investment period

Total Net Rental Collected Rental amount collected during the investment period

Total Capital Investment Total fund invested (including downpayment, SSD, ABSD, and monthly mortgages)


Outstanding Loan Amount (At end of investment period) Estimated outstanding loan amount at end of investment period

Amount from Sale Proceed Projected Capital return after selling the property


Capital Gain Expected Capital Gain

Return On Investment (ROI) % Expected ROI


Gross Rental Yield Gross rental yield

Net Rental Yield (Less Management Fee) Net rental yield after deducting management fee

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  • Developer's License: C1330
  • UEN: 201732272R
  • Mukim Lot: MK 05 04512W
  • Expected TOP: 2023
  • Expected CSC: 2026

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